Chicken Breast Jerky (150g)


These Australian made single ingredient dog treats are the perfect way to give your furry best friend a tasty, healthy snack! Our naturally dehydrated Chicken Breastjerky is made using only one ingredient – 100% chicken breast. This single ingredient treat is high in protein and low in fat, providing your pup with a nutritious snack. Not only are they delicious and natural, they are also Australian made, so you know you are getting quality. Give your pup a special treat with these single ingredient Chicken Breastjerky treats – sure to make your pup’s tail wag!

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Our Chicken Breast is made with 100% Australian Chicken Breast. The only ingredient you will find listed is pure meat that’s been thinly sliced and dehydrated to create a treat that is crunchy and irresistible.

This delicious treat delivers 74.1% protein and provides all the flavor your dog craves. Chicken Breast is a delicious, high protein treat that you can take anywhere for rewards on the go, or they can be broken into bite-size pieces for smaller dogs and puppies, or to assist with your training regime.

Key Benefits

Made from 100% Australian Chicken, all natural with no added colours, flavours or preservatives
Single ingredient, high protein treat which can help
keep your dog’s energy levels up
provide essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy immune system
Full of real meat flavor, for the perfect dog training treat or everyday reward
Ingredients: 100% Chicken Breast

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