Does your dog have terrible breath?

Posted by Daniel on 5th Jun 2019

Did you know, by the age of 3 over 80% of all dogs have a dental disease? Dental diseases in dogs can start from plaque and mildly inflamed gums to established gingivitis (gum disease). If not tr … read more
Training tips for your puppy!

Training tips for your puppy!

7th Sep 2017

Studies have shown that the best way to train your dog is in an environment which has minimal distractions. Make sure you use rewards during the training process and only once they’re in position as a … read more

Our First Market Visit and Cat Show

Posted by Daniel McTackett on 15th Nov 2016

Pawsitively Awesome held our very first official market stall last Saturday! It was an interesting day and we got to meet some wonderful people. We also went to our first cat show and I can tell yo … read more