Deer Antlers

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Deer Antlers are naturally shed and our product is 100% Australian. Antlers are ideal for dental hygiene and keeping your dog busy. High in calcium, phosphorous and other natural nutrients to keep your dogs bones strong and healthy. This product is organic and great as an indoor treat as it does not have an odour.


  • 100% Natural and healthy dog treats
  • Dehydrated, Grain Free Pet Treats
  • Bulk Value Dog Treats


  • Antler is A Ultra Long Lasting Dog Treat Chew, Great For Dental Health
  • 100% Safe And Natural, Will Not Splinter
  • Single Ingredient, Odourless, Organic, Grain Free, All Natural Pet Treats, Bulk Value


  • WEIGHT (Small):Approx. 50g - 85g
  • SIZE: Approx. 10cm - 25cm
  • WEIGHT (Medium): Approx. 90g - 140g
  • SIZE: Approx.10 - 25cm
  • Weight (Large): Approx. 150g - 190g
  • SIZE: Approx. 20cm-30cm
  • INGREDIENT:100% Deer Antler